It is all going down UPsouth

The Southern Initiative (TSI) is in the process of launching a crowd empowerment platform called UPsouth.



UPsouth is a place for people to respond to South Auckland’s challenges by getting creative and sharing new and original ideas – and earn some regular money for their input.


It is also an exciting new way of developing a network of young people who lead together, support one another’s development and is both entrepreneurial and altruistic.


Different groups including TSI use UPsouth to make a callUP. A callUP asks about a challenge in our community so people can share ideas on how to solve the challenge.


Tapping into creativity, we can find new ways of tackling local challenges and at the same time those who contribute ideas earn money.


By responding to call UPs users are paid micro-payments from funding attached to each call. Each call is unique but in general UPsouth will distribute money to ideas that are honest, original, and creative and expressed differently.


The ideas will generate insights and actions by the group or organisation running the callUp.


UPsouth users who respond to a callUp can also be paid by other users who like their idea.


They can share $1 or more with them by clicking ‘give’ on the site. Every week the balance in a user’s UPsouth wallet will be paid into their bank account.


Anyone can join, however to earn money people need a New Zealand bank account and an IRD number.


UPsouth was tested on a similar concept platform called it’sNOON and three young people answered several calls including ‘what do you love about South Auckland'.


Janet, Neihana and Jackson used the money they earned from their contributions to buy camera and video equipment to start their own businesses and all three are building their client base.


Check out the calls, including one about a significant change in Auckland Council’s rubbish collection at