Fai mo lou aiga World Smokefree Day

Our Pasifika people have the second highest smoking rates after Maori and are also more likely to get sick because of tobacco smoking than the non-Pacific population. As we continue to celebrate Samoan Language Week let’s learn how to encourage our Samoan friends and family to stop smoking i le gagana Samoa – in Samoan.



Fai mo lou aiga: O fanau a tagata ulaula pe fa‘afituina le avanoa e ono avea ai fo‘i i latou o ni tagata ulaula. E afaina fo‘i lo latou soifua maloloina ona o le ulaula a i si.

English translation: Do it for your family: Children of smokers are seven times more likely to become smokers themselves. Their health can suffer from second-hand smoke too.


Fa‘amalosi ma talitonu e mafai ona e faia.

English tranlsation: Stay strong and believe in yourself.


If you need help try Quitline


Quitline is open 24/7 and can help you quit in a number of different ways. You can ring, text, email or do it all online.


Call Quitline free on 0800 778 778 or text 4006 or visit their website.