Pacific Mothers: Niue and Fiji Migration Stories

Pasefika Proud launched a second series of Migration and Legacy stories featuring our Pacific mothers, as a follow up to their series of stories from our Pacific fathers. Watch the first two videos below of strong Pacific mothers who migrated from Niue and Fiji.



Akeletama Etuata migrated with her husband to New Zealand from Niue in 1967, her children were able to join them two years later and Akeletama remembers being so happy.


“We were more thinking of our children more than ourselves because of their schooling, their study and their future.”


Her message to future generations is to always remember their roots and where they come from.



Amalaini Ligalevu-Legge migrated with her husband and children from Fiji in the early 1970s.


Her message to her children and grandchildren is that if they want to be known as Fijian they need to speak the language and understand the culture.


She is proud of the achievements of her family, and is satisfied she has done what she came here to do when she migrated.



Credit: Historic footage supplied by Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision and Archives New Zealand.



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