What is a Pacific Man?

In this video by Pasefika Proud featuring Pacific men Church ministers, community leaders and violence prevention advocates share their personal stories of family violence and ask a fundamental question – what does it mean to be a Pacific man?



They discuss the core values, the responsibilities, the legacy and basic principles they associate with being a Pacific man - violence is not one of them.


These personal stories emphasise the role of Pacific men as fathers and proffers a challenge that for some it's time to man-up, to focus on a positive future.


“I want to be the answer for my children, I want to be my kids' superhero, they shouldn’t have to look for answers elsewhere. It’s all in me”.


About Pasefika Proud


The Pasefika Proud Campaign addresses violence in Pacific families by using clear, consistent messaging around building strong families, preventing and addressing violence designed, delivered and led by Pacific peoples. For more information go to the Pasefika Proud website.