Second Auckland measles case confirmed

A second case of measles has been confirmed from a flight that arrived in Auckland from Singapore last month.



Auckland Regional Public Health Service said an AUT student, who was a passenger on Flight SQ285 on 22 February, has been confirmed to have the disease.


The service said passengers on the flight were likely to have been exposed to the highly infectious disease.


The student is the second confirmed case of measles from the flight.


Efforts are being made to find out whether AUT students came into contact with the individual during the infectious period.


The student spent time in Auckland's central business district and the Albany Westfield shopping centre between 1 March and 6 March.


Anyone concerned they may have contracted measles should contact their GP.



The ARPHS request General Practitioners be vigilant:


  1.  Consider measles in a febrile illness (38oC or higher) with cough, conjunctivitis, coryza, and examine for Koplik spots. The rash of measles appears a few days later usually starting on the face or behind the ears and spreads to the rest of the body.
  2.  Isolate suspect cases to avoid contact with other patients in the waiting room.
  3.  Arrange appropriate lab testing for suspected cases. PCR is preferred (using red viral nasopharyngeal or throat swab) if within 3 days of rash onset.
  4.  Exclude cases from school, work, other institutions and social interaction while waiting for the laboratory results. Should a rash appear, then exclude for 5 days from its onset.
  5.  Notify ARPHS (09) 623 4600 on suspicion of measles. Please do not wait for the lab results.
  6.  Advise good hand hygiene and cough etiquette practice for all suspected cases and their contacts in household, school or work environments.
  7.  Check and administer MMR immunisation opportunistically for all patients who are susceptible.