Le Va: Inspirational Careers in Public Health

Pacific NGO LeVa is promoting Pacific Mental Health and Addictions Scholarships and Pasifika Public Health Workforce Grants. These are to encourage students into, and grow the size and skills of those already in, the Pasifika Public health workforce. Read on for more information and watch inspirational Pasifika people already working in health



Futures That Work


2017 saw Le Va’s highest volume of eligible applications ever seen for Futures that Work programme, awarding 67 recipients from 113 applications.


With higher rates of mental illness and substance abuse than the general population, and an under-represented mental health and addiction workforce, Le Va’s Futures that Work programme focuses on growing the capacity and capability of the Pacific workforce to support a culturally relevant workforce to meet demand.


In order to grow the size and skills of the Pacific workforce takes more than just financial support, it's also about providing appropriate mentoring, coaching, cultural and pastoral care, as well as support identifying employment and career pathways.


Le Va’s 2018 Pacific Mental Health and Addictions Scholarships not only make a contribution to a student’s course fees but also mentoring, coaching and cultural support options.


Apply by 5pm, 2 March 2018, for more information and to apply click here.



Pasifika Public Health Workforce Grants


Public health is about population groups – looking beyond health care services to the aspects of society, environment, culture, economy and community that shape the health status of populations.


Pasifika peoples continue to have poorer health status than the general New Zealand population, with lower life expectancy and higher rates of mortality and hospitalisations for conditions that could have been avoided, given timely access to effective healthcare.


A key enabler for reducing inequalities in health outcomes is developing a capable workforce. Le Va’s focus is to strengthen the Pacific public health workforce, and enhance the capability of the non-Pacific workforce to ensure access to best possible services for Pasifika people and their families.


If you work in public health, and want to upskill – or have plans to – then these grants could be for you.


Apply by 5pm, 30 March 2018! For more information and to apply to receive support from Le Va to help with your fees or course related costs, click here.



Inspirational Careers in Public Health


Pasifika people are under-represented within the public health workforce. for those Pasifika currently in the public health workforce, it is often a call of passion.


Public health qualifications open a range of doors for diverse career opportunities. Cultural knowledge and community connection are an added value.


Hopefully the video profiles featured in this article highlighting four emerging Pasifika leaders working in the public health space will inspire you to do the same.


Watch the final profile below: