Vaavaaitu and her renewed smile

With access to fizzy drinks, sweet treats and foods loaded with more and more sugar, dental cavities are becoming increasingly common in front teeth. In this dental case study Auckland-based healthcare provider The Fono share the story of dental patient Vaavaaitu, who shed a tear of joy at the results after accessing treatment with Dr Mowafaq Amso for a cavity-free smile.



Dental patient Vaavaaitu is one of many patients who have gone to The Fono with dental cavities in their front teeth.


Clinical Director of Dental Dr Mowafaq Amso says seeing rotten front teeth is becoming more common with more people consuming a high sugar diets.


“With today’s widely-available soft drinks, sweets and treats, it is becoming more and more common to see untreated cavities in front teeth,” he says.


Due to her financial constraints, Vaavaaitu had been unable to access any dental treatment for her worsening and painful broken, decayed teeth.


Already enrolled with The Fono Whanau Ora service, Vaavaaitu’s Whanau Ora Coordinator was able to refer her to The Fono dental service as a wrap-around service.


Dr Amso describes the seriousness of Vaavaaitu’s case as a 6/10.


Her dental treatment started with a detailed consultation with Dr Amso, where they discussed the process involved in fixing her teeth.


Vaavaaitu then received same day treatment for all of her fillings, to ensure everything matched in terms of filling colour and shade.


Vaavaaitu was so happy with the end results that she shed a tear.


“Vaavaaitu was really pleased with it – she absolutely loved it. She was so grateful she had a wee tear,” says Dr Amso.


And Dr Amso’s advice to others?


“Ensure you have regular dental check-ups to spot and treat any decay early,” he says.


“It’s also really important to reduce your intake of sugary drinks and sweets for healthier teeth.”




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