Meitaki Maata Dr Joe

As a publisher and editor, INNES LOGAN reflects on having had the privilege to work with Dr Joe Williams from Mt Wellington Integrated Healthcare over the past five years. He first met Dr Joe in 2014, having heard much about him relating to his treatment of eczema (atopic dermatitis) sufferers, in which Pacific and Maori people are over-represented.



Neither myself, nor my son Ben had suffered so I didn’t think about it until after my grandson Maximilian (Max) showed signs of eczema just a few weeks after his birth in late December.


Kelly, our daughter-in-law born and raised in Vietnam, knew it was also common among South-East Asians.


What I wasn’t fully aware of, however, was how rapidly it can take root.



Our family made the journey to Dr Joe’s busy practice at Mt Wellington Integrated Healthcare, and started following his treatment programme with immediate results.


The programme was developed at the clinic through research, clinical studies, extensive research of the literature and clinical trials over a number of years. Much of the information was gathered from more than 40,000 eczema patients who were treated at the clinic.


Since January 2010, more than 25,000 patients have consulted the clinic from all over New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific.


Having published Eczema – The Neglected Disease of Children – along with Polynesian Ancestors – Te Ui Tupuna - Voyages Through the Ages and Memoirs on the Last Colonial Era in the Cook Islands, with Dr Joe, it’s a privilege to work with him and a blessing to cross paths with an exceptional doctor and humanitarian who has helped many thousands of lives across the globe, including our grandson.


We thank you.


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This article was first published in issue 73 of SPASIFIK Magazine out now.