Q&A Brown Boys Director Hans Masoe

Brown Boys will be out in selected Aotearoa theatres from 2 May 2019, to celebrate the release we have a double pass to the film to give away. Read our Q&A with writer, director, actor who plays Pete the Player HANS MASOE and find out how to win the double pass below.



Brown Boys is a coming of age story about a group of Samoan boys in South Auckland, Hans Masoe, who hails from the villages of Musumusu, Salimu, Asau and Paia on his father’s side and Malaela and Sala’ilua on his mother’s, was born and raised in Auckland New Zealand and wanted to portray his take on brotherhood, growing up and love in South Auckland.


Hans answers some questions for SPASIFIK Magazine about the upcoming feature and we have a double pass to give away to a reader.


In order to win the double pass watch the trailer and comment on this facebook post with the age of Masoe’s character- the winner will be chosen at random. The pass cannot be used at the World Premiere or Opening Night screenings of Brown Boys on May 2nd at Event Cinemas Manukau, Auckland. Follow the Brown Boys facebook for a full list of showings.




Hans Masoe Q&A


What has the journey from thought/inception to the first screening been for you?


This journey has been awesome. Every turn has taught me something new and that has been seki (awesome) to experience.


What has been your favourite part of the journey so far?


I have so many favourites but to pick one, it would probably be the end of the first week of shooting. Johnny Aukusitino and I had a few Vailimas in my garage and in that time it was a massive moment for me because I realized then that we were really doing this.


Where did you get the inspiration for Brown Boys?


I felt I had a good story and I went through with it because if I didn’t make it now, I would have never made it. I didn’t want to be a forty or fifty-year-old making a film about “Boys being Boys”. The inspiration behind this film is my growing up in South Auckland as a twenty-something year old and remembering how complicated the whole thing was. It is also an homage to my brothers and how they made growing up worthwhile.


What kind of Brown Boy are you?


I am fairly balanced I’d say. I’m quite serious and a bit of a workaholic but I enjoy cheat days with my daughters watching a movie or sometimes having a beer on a Sunday at home listening to classic Samoan songs.


How important are the female characters in the film?


In this film the female characters are the most important. Females play massive roles in a Brown Boy’s life. We need them, we protect them, and we honour them. I cherish my lady and I will do anything to protect my daughters. Before I had my girls, I did my best to honour my mum who did everything for me as a kid and still does so much for me even now. In terms of the film, if the female characters are weak or unrealistic the whole film will feel unbalanced and us as the audience will not appreciate the male characters or the story. The film as a whole will suffer because we would have lost the audience.



What has been the hardest part of the journey?


For whatever reason, the hardest part of the journey was casting. Casting crucial roles like Dad which was supposed to be a ‘Mum’ and the other characters which hold the movie together ended up being quite tricky. Luckily, we were able to cast some great actors in these roles with a bit of persistence and the power of prayer.


What does it mean for you to be Pacific/Pasifika/a brown boy in your role and what you do?


God, my family and who I am are my priorities. This is the order of how I structure my life. I am a Samoan from Aotearoa NZ and after that I am an artist. I do my best in my craft because I feel that if I do that then I am representing what I believe in to the best of my ability. God, my family and making my people proud by doing my job well. It is the main way I know how to serve.


Any other projects on the horizon?


Right now, I am all about Brown Boys, but I’ve got a few things that I’m writing so we’ll see how we go. I also want to produce and direct other projects, so I am just going to have a feel out for my next few moves.


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