Tuvaluan Language Week 2017

Tuvalu Language is underway and runs from 1 to 7 October. If you’re unsure of where to celebrate or learn about the culture and people, check out the list below.



In 2006, Tuvaluan people were the seventh largest Pacific ethnic group in New Zealand, making up 1 percent of New Zealand's Pacific population.


The island from which the lovely Tuvaluans come is a small Pacific island nation that lies midway between Australia and Hawaii.


Tuvalu means eight islands standing together.


The Tuvaluan language is closely related to the language of Samoan and distantly related to most of the other Polynesian languages.


If you’re wondering where you can celebrate Tuvalu Language Week, or how you can learn more about the beautiful people, culture and island MPP has a full list of events marking Tuvaluan Language Week here.