St Cuthberts Sister Act Scholarship Duo

An engineer, a lawyer, a teacher, a doctor; Tiana and Alayna Willis-Baker change their minds daily about what they want to do when they leave St Cuthbert’s College. The scholarship duo are sisters who were both awarded Endeavour Scholarships to study at St Cuthbert’s College.



Tiana has been a student since 2014 and is currently in Year 12.


Having come from a much smaller school where she was the only girl in her year group, she does admit it was a big change when she first started.


“It was a culture shock, and every other kind of shock imaginable,” says Tiana. But she says applying was the best decision she ever made. “I love attending St Cuthbert’s,” she adds.


“It has encouraged me to dream bigger dreams for myself. Being in an environment where other girls are wanting to do their best has really influenced me to extend myself not only academically but in all aspects including friendships, sport, co-curricular activities, like Samoan group, and the Shakespeare soiree and more.”


Sister Alayna, currently in Year 10, whole-heartedly agrees. She is really enjoying every aspect of College life from the Kahunui remote campus where she recently spent nearly a month and went tramping and fishing for the first time ever, to her involvement as a Values representative helping young children learn to love books.


Alayna says “I wasn’t very organised and wasn’t always attentive in class, but when I came to St Cuthbert’s I became more focussed. I was able to understand and learn more in class and I enjoyed the teaching style here a lot.”


Both girls have relished their time as part of the Samoan cultural group with the annual competition at Polyfest being a highlight.


Alayna says, “One thing I love about St Cuthbert’s is that we have many different cultures represented in Samoan group.


Everyone embraces each other’s different cultures and it is so much fun to share what we know about our culture with girls who are open and willing to learn about it.”


Since joining the school community, Tiana and Alayna have formed great friendships and their friends and family have also loved becoming part of the school community. At a recent Pofiafia evening the girls’ aunties and uncles, cousins and friends were all there to support them.


Both Tiana and Alayna encourage any girls thinking of applying for an Endeavour Scholarship to go for it!


Alayna says, “Having this opportunity has changed my future. At my old school I didn’t know what I wanted to be and wasn’t very ambitious, but coming here it’s opened up a whole new world of opportunities. You get given so many opportunities to learn new things, it’s really awesome.”  


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Endeavour Scholarships for St Cuthbert’s College entry in Year 7, 2018 are now open for girls of Maori or Pacifika descent. Applications close 31 July. Please apply at